Frequently Asked Questions:


- "How much will it cost to have a mural done?"

- Prices will vary depending on the surface, square footage, dynamics, colour, Materials, and when you want the project finished. Not all works of art are created equal, therefore prices will vary. 


- "Do you do other types of commissions?"

- Yes, we paint on all types of canvases!
Do you have a Box Truck or Trailer you would like painted? A blank storefront banner? Maybe you have a small stand for your business? 
We can help with that too.


- "How do I get started, with my mural or project?"

- Good question, Bob! First we will ask you some questions about your Mural/ Project idea. Such as size of area you want painted and what you want displayed. Then we will email you an agreement between both parties to ensure asset protection. Upon receiving signed agreement, we will proceed with the down payment to secure dates and then begin with the preliminary drawings.