Jordoh- "For the Birds"

Rust Magic 2018- Jordoh

Muscle Car Mural

Braden Holtby mural

this by far was one of the most meaningful paintings i have ever earned the privilege to receive.

why? Braden represents to me a true success. his playoff performance of 2018 was unlike anything else. Small town Saskatchewan boy, constantly being stepped on in the playoffs by the Pittsburgh Penguins. Finally his team (Washington) advances beyond the team whom squandered the dream multiple times before. that achievement was huge. it seemed like the world would just move out of his way after this weight had been lifted. only several weeks later “the save” happened. that save alone meant more than a point it meant “you keep going even when the odds are against you.” - Believe it can be your time! that’s the determination i saw from that game.

what inspired me the most about this game is that this was at the time i decided there would not be a plan b for my life. I am a dedicated professional artist, a father, husband, athlete and a humanitarian. i do my absolute best at any level to ensure that i grow, get better and inspire more people. my loving and loyal team of friends and family hold me up when things get hard. just like the washington capitals team did. Holtby was that backbone to hold them up. i am; likewise i am the backbone to my team.

i painted this mural in some difficult conditions, but i didn’t doubt my ability to paint that mural. i didn’t quit when the timeline became increasingly tight, and the weather was not nice, or when the equipment failed, or the paint cans were duds and i am down to the last can of the color i need. the weather difference of +-25 degrees plays a huge roll in performance. my mentality became weakened, but a source of inspiration reminded me that it took nearly ten years to achieve the Stanley cup.

If i am to achieve my dream of traveling the world painting the largest and most inspired works of my life; then i Must face the Penguins and Keep #failingforwards.

this achievement hit home heavily as i felt the community and peoples energy. the hope and the pride that it provided. that a small town boy had the opportunity to fight for a dream he believed in and he finally won! that victory exuded through me. I wanted to paint that memory with the energy that surrounded the significance of that achievement (in white).

the home of Holtby is Very proud and honored to have one of their own, achieve his dreams.

thank you sincerely Rm of Wlton. and the city of Lloydminster for supporting me and my dreams by providing me the opportunity to do what i love!

Monster graffiti mural on vinyl shop

i got the chance to paint something i wanted to do on a local edmonton vinyl and tint shop Landon Graphics. the guy’s were great to work with, i am stoked to be the backdrop to these well detailed vehicles that come out shining, all glossy and mixed with a little background funk.

Calgary graffiti - CBS crew, 156 Allstarz

Doing Graffiti At The Gym!

Fortunate to work on this section of the Gym for the team at Marked Improvement!

Thunder Valley Trailer Part 1

I can't explain how nice it was to work with everyone at Thunder Valley Towing, Chris is a man that knows what he wants. This was no small Task and he did everything he could to accommodate the schedule i had. This trailer is currently being used for Advertisement on the highway near Valemont B.C.

20/20 Seed Labs

Kevin @ 2020 seed labs had this awesome idea, to make his blue Sea container outback into an Alberta rail car. We also redid the gazebo follow us on Instagram to see more!

Running Room Edmonton